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Tinkerwell code editor

For PHP you have multiple options like PhpFiddle, but here I will show you an amazing desktop tool called Tinkerwell. Recently I started using it to test my code, it helps saving you time,...

MySQL – Validating your code 0

MySQL – Validating your code

It’s very important when you are writing your SQL queries to validate them. CREATE DB If you need to create a database, the SQL statement for that is:

But if you are going...


Laravel – Call database seeder class from controller

Sometimes you may need to see the results of a specific seeder class on a web page instead of a terminal. Thus instead of calling the seeder class via terminal:

Call the class...

Git – local config usage 0

Git – local config usage

As a developer you might have multiple open source projects with different accounts, one in Bitbucket and the other in Github. So if you clone many projects to the same computer and you need...


PHP 7 – What to pay attention to?

Here are some gotchas you need to keep your eye on them while you are developing in PHP, especially if you are new to PHP 7 new features. In this post, we are going...


Godaddy’s Reseller API review

The last project I was engaged in, is connecting to Godaddy’s Reseller API. So I developed an internal API for our project, that enables our frontend system doing some operations like (purchase, create, delete,...

Yarn – what a nice tool 1

Yarn – what a nice tool

I’m working on a new project. So I just wanted to install the last version of bootstrap (bootstrap@4.0.0-beta) through npm(Node Package Manager) tool. To install bootstrap as written in the documentation, you need to...


JavaScript – how to prevent changes to an object attributes

Whenever you want to make a variable constant, in order to not be able to change(mutate) it through the program, then you gonna need to define the variable to const like this: