Day To Day Productivity Tools

Any developer who wants to be more productive in his career, use web tools.

Here are some of the tools that I use a lot, and find it very helpful:

Chrome Extensions
  1. Where do you upload your large file when you want to share it with other?
    The old way, was sending it via email, well this still working, and of course today we have Dropbox, Google Drive and much more.
    But still there is a tool that can be really efficient, it’s called Send Anywhere.
    It’s really amazing tool, easy, quick and unlimited file sharing For Free!!!
  2. ColorZilla : If you are a designer or a web developer, and want a tool to pick some beautiful colors that you don’t know what is it, then this tool definitely will help you.
    ColorZilla: at Chrome apps store
  3. Another great called “Tab-Snap” tool to retrieve all the opened tab in your Chrome browser, so you can save it for later reading: Tab-snap: at Chrome apps store
  4. Maybe you just want to save an article or any other helpful material for later, because you don’t have time to read it now.
    In this case using “view Later” Chrome extension will let you read more at your spare time without losing any helpful data.
    View Later: at Chrome apps store
  5. Some times you want to open a website, but it only can be opened by Explorer browser, so in that case, here a Chrome extension called “IE Tab” that will let you open it while you still surfing the web using Chrome browser.
    IE Tab: at Chrome apps store
  6. To performance profile, your websites, on real world devices with different types of network connectivity profiles, check this Chrome extension called:
    Webpagetest: at Chrome apps store
  1. Do you want something to store all of your notes, To-Do list, or any other information in an easy way, with the great user interface? A great chance you have one that is doing the job, like “Sticky Notes” in Windows OS, or you have a To-Do list app in your smartphone. But why not to try a new tool, that may add another functionality you didn’t use before. The website that I’m talking about is called “WorkFlowy”.
  2. Day One Jurnal, just for Mac users
  3. Bear Writer, Bear is a beautiful, flexible writing app for crafting notes and prose. Just for Mac users
  4., boosts your efficiency with hotkeys, keywords, text expansion and more. For Mac users
  5., Check this organizer for Designers, Programmers, Writers

After publishing this post, I came across blog post of Scott Hanselman where he has an amazingly long list of tools: Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List
For now, this what I recommend you check, to save your time.
This will be updated from time to time.

I hope I helped you with something new.
Wish you the best.


Hello, I'm Mohammad Daka, software engineer who love coding. In my spare time I blogs about JavaScript,PHP, Chrome Extensions, helpful resources and tools, I'm also working on my own projects. Don't hesitate to contact me at my twitter account: @mohammad_daka :)

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