PHP Web Development Tools


Here are some tools that you may already come across on the internet.
Hopefully, one from the list down will be new for you and can help you be more productive in your development work.

Chrome Extensions

  • Postman for Http request, this tool is used by many other developers in the world. It can help you checking your server API functionality, for example on your server you have a method that depends on the request from the client side it responds differently, in that case, this tool will let you know what the response is without to try building the client side request like ajax or any submit method using HTML forms

PHP Localhost Servers

  1. Valet is a local Laravel development environment ,unfortunately just for mac user.
  2. For windows OS check vagrant

  3. Ampps, download it from here
  4. Wamp, download it from here
  5. Xampp, download it from here
  6. Mamp, download it from here, unfortunately not Free for Windows OS!

PHP Development Online

  1. Cloud 9 – check it here
  2. PHP Fiddle – for php scripts and testing purpose, use it instead of opening your development editor.

Graphic user interface(GUI) tool to use git

  1. Source Tree – download here, free for Windows and Mac OS
  2. GitCkracken – download here, The most popular Git GUI for Windows, Mac AND Linux.

Instead of using virtualization like Vmware

  1. Docker –, I recommend everyone to learn it in order to not wasting your time with tools installation, you will enjoy it and your productivity will increase
  2. .

Manage your database by

  1. Workbench
  2. Sequel pro


  2. To get a fake data via a free online REST API called,
    “JSONPlaceholder”, this will help you test your frontend code without waiting for your team until they develop the REST API.
  3. You want to test your API?, check free.
  4. Informative post about REST APIs with examples, restful-web-services

There are many other helpful websites and tools, so this post always will be updated…


Hello, I'm Mohammad Daka, software engineer who love coding. In my spare time I blogs about JavaScript,PHP, Chrome Extensions, helpful resources and tools, I'm also working on my own projects. Don't hesitate to contact me at my twitter account: @mohammad_daka :)

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