Best resources and courses to learn Laravel PHP framework

There are a bunch of tutorials out there and many good websites to learn Laravel PHP framework.

The best place to start with is, here you can learn from the best developers called Jeffery Way who was involved developing Laravel.
I subscribed monthly to this tutorials.

Of course when you need a reference then check: official documentation, don’t forget to check in which Laravel version you are reading, currently the last version is 5.4 5.5 while writing this post.

A course on quick performance wins you can implement right now: By Chris Fidao.

Another helpful video tutorials you can found here:

While you are learning and doing small projects I recommend reading amazing books to understand the concepts behind Laravel and improve your development:

  1. Codesmart written by Dayle Rees

  2. Laravel Up And Running

    by Matt Stauffer, notice this book is also recommended by the creator of Laravel framework

Really helpfull tweets about Laravel

To improve your development code, there an amazing book called Refactoring To Collections by Adam Wathan, so read the testimonials
before buying it if you are not sure if the book is worth it, don’t forget there are different packages, maybe you can check the package that contains the book with the 4 hours video.


  1. Laracasts
  2. Laravel Daily
  3. Test Driven Laravel by Adam Wathan
  4. Best Laravel by Kati Frantz @udemy
  5. Learning Path Laravel by Packt Publishing @udemy
  6. Laravel React by Ryan Dhungel @udemy

Blogs and Tutorials:


Youtube Channels:

  1. Bitfumes Channel
  2. Traversy Media Channel
  3. Devlob Channel



    hosted by Matt Stauffer and regular guests include Taylor Otwell (the creator of Laravel) and Jeffrey Way (the creator of Laracasts).


    hosted by Jeffrey Way


    hosted by Alfred Nutile && Nathan Kirschbaum


    hosted by Jacob Bennett && Michael Dyrynda


    hosted by Michael Dyrynda && Jacob Bennett

Other Laravel helpful episodes from Full Stack Radio #hosted by Adam Wathan

  1. Episode 11: Jeffrey Way – “But how does it feel?”
  2. Episode 14: Taylor Otwell – Building Envoyer, Laravel 5.1 and Learning to Program
  3. Episode 34: Matt Machuga – Dealing with Dependencies in Active Record Models
  4. Episode 52: Taylor Otwell – Patterns for Simplifying Laravel Applications


  1. , Packalyst creates a simple and social packages registry for Laravel

Other Laravel concepts

  1. deep-dive-into-custom-validation-error-messages
  2. Building Real-Time Laravel Apps with Pusher
  3. About Query Builder

Tips and Tricks

Keep learning and do little projects until you feel comfortable with Laravel and take advanced tutorials because there is always something new you gonna learn.

Good Luck!


Hello, I'm Mohammad Daka, software engineer who love coding. In my spare time I blogs about JavaScript,PHP, Chrome Extensions, helpful resources and tools, I'm also working on my own projects. Don't hesitate to contact me at my twitter account: @mohammad_daka :)

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    You are not sure if the book is worth it, don’t forget there are different packages, maybe you can check the package that contains the book with the 4 hours backup

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