Yarn – what a nice tool

I’m working on a new project.

So I just wanted to install the last version of bootstrap (bootstrap@4.0.0-beta) through npm(Node Package Manager) tool.

To install bootstrap as written in the documentation, you need to write the following line of code:

Ok, I did that, but surprisingly got two warnings, see the following lines:

So right away after getting those warnings, I downloaded yarn via brew using the next code: (For Yarn installtion)

Thankfully, Yarn did a fantastic work, it downloaded the dependency packages that bootstrap depends on them (jquery@>=3.0.0, popper.js@^1.11.0), look at the text down to see the installation notes.

I hope you’re doing well, thanks for reading this post.


Hello, I'm Mohammad Daka, software engineer who love coding. In my spare time I blogs about JavaScript,PHP, Chrome Extensions, helpful resources and tools, I'm also working on my own projects. Don't hesitate to contact me at my twitter account: @mohammad_daka :)

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