Godaddy’s Reseller API review

The last project I was engaged in, is connecting to Godaddy’s Reseller API.
So I developed an internal API for our project, that enables our frontend system doing some operations like (purchase, create, delete, privacy, available, suggestions, DNS records…)
against Godaddy’s Reseller API.

My mission was to use their API to build a system that can purchase a domain with/without privacy(it is also called as whois), renew, retrieve a domains details, delete privacy, make an auto-renew, update domain’s contact details …

Godaddy’s API at first was not so easy to start with, even though their response type was JSON and not XML, which is good in my case after looking for much other domain’s services companies which almost all of them using XML as a response for each request.

That doesn’t mean at all that XML is not good, but JSON has a better performance, and take a small bandwidth unlike XML and for the specific project I was engaged in, there was no reason to choose XML.

What is good on Godaddy’s API test, is that you can test each request without writing any code(in their online page), until you understand how their API is work.

You will still find some issues in their test API, in my case, I found some problems in multiple requests, so I was communicating all the time via emails with their advance support, and it was so helpful, that in many cases it helped me achieve what I want.
Also, I saw two bugs in two requests, so I contacted the advance support regarding that and they have taken the problem seriously, though they fixed them, and they return to me with a nice message telling me that they already fixed the bugs, and you can try it now without any problems.

Still, you may find your self, other problem with the test API, so don’t be panic and try to explain to them the problem you found with full details of the request and the response, so they can understand your problem.
And if there is a real problem, they will fix it( they did that for me, there is no reason to not help you, if you were right).

I have some tips for you, in order to connect to their API without any problem:

  1. For each API request, you need to write code, test it firstly in there developer API page.
    After that make the test in POSTMAN tool and then start writing some code.
  2. I understood some of the weird API requests by reaching there API technical advance support via email. So this may take from one to 3 days until you get a reply.
    The average reply for me in most cases was one day approximately.
    Sometimes in couple hours, other times more than one day.
  3. If you are searching for a concert method that will help you get the price for any domain you want, then you won’t find it in a specific API request.
    The right API request for this is to check the response of the available method which will contain the price attribute.
    Here is an example of a response for a domain called “”

    Here is another example of supported TLD(top level domain) with a domain that os not available for a purchase:

    An important thing to notice here:
    When the TLD(is not supported method ) you would not find any price and period attribute in the response. Look at the next response:

    I still think this is an issue in their API test, that needs to be fixed, because the “win” TLD, is supported by Godaddy.

  4. You should know what specific API you are seeking to achieve your purpose.
    In Godaddy’s web page you won’t find any clue to the Reseller API plan(YEAH THAT’s WEIRD) and you need to contact Godaddy’s support to purchase it for a one year.
    So the plan in their website is not the development one, it’s called Reseller Plan (turnkey) and not the Reseller API plan. And this reseller plan is a storefront that you can integrate into your website and sell domains under your name (white label).
    I hope this tip would save you some money.
    If you already purchased the wrong plan, talk to the support and try to get some refund.

There are other important details on the way, though, this will be updated from time to time.
Reach me out on my twitter account if you have any questions related to Godaddy’s API.


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