Who I’m

Hello, I’m Mohammad.

I’m a software engineer and here I’m going to share some humble info about me and maybe a helpful advice.

I’m a fun of reading other developers on how they started with programming, and what their advice to other programmers.

So I hope you will enjoy my little story…

I started with computers in my early age playing Digger, Prince, Dave and many other games.

From time to time in my village computers started to be available to other people, and I was the one who fixing technical issues on old Operating Systems( Windows 95,XP …) for my friends and upgrading their computers.

My passion for programming started when I saw a person formatting the OS via commands after inserting a floppy disk, and this was amazing to me.

In high school, I learned a programming language called Pascal, and continued my path at Afeka Tel Aviv college, and got my B.Sc degree in software engineering at age of 25.

In the college at the first year we started programming in C programming language and learned how to work with pointers until we get to the end of learning how to use byte codes and do shifting for bits, and in the same year we also learned Assembly programming language and it was really helpful course to me, and lets you know how programming in high-level languages is not the same as low-level language where you have a tiny variables to store your data, and how just a line code in higher programming language can be converted to at lease two or three line of codes.

After that, we start with C++ to learn the principles of Object Oriented and continued with it to learn design patterns like Singleton and Visitors…
And I continued using c and c++ in other course called Computer Graphics where I built a project using OpenGL library to build buildings randomly using different Texture…

In the last year of my degree, I learned an amazing course that expanded my thinking ability, it’s called Parallel Computation, so by using one program you can split the running code to multiple processors using a network, and each computer takes its mission and executes it.

Assume you have a mission that in one computer can take a week until be finished, though to reduce the amount of time you can get help by other computers…

Parallel Computation course was really helpful for me, and even I got an interview question at SanDisk company related to what I learned in this course, in which I successfully passed the technical interview (they requested to design a system of running thousands of tests to multiple computers)…

Other programming languages were nice to get in touch with are: python, java, c#, prolog, (this was amazing one where I learned something really new, even though this programming language is not requested today from my searching for job)

You may even thought, why this blog is just having posts about web development field?
Well you are right, this because web development is the starting point in my career, and I have a lot of passion about it.
See how by really tiny script in JavaScript you can do amazing things.

Web development helped me a lot understanding what is JSON, REST API, single page application, MVC framework and design patterns like dependency injection and many other things, so I don’t regret that I have an experience in web development even though the server side programming language was PHP but the matter of programming language is to fit your need and last year I’m getting my hand dirty in NodeJs and Electron.

Finished last year(2018) a Java Course at Jhon Bryce in Tel-Aviv, and worked at a startup company called Zvoid as a backend developer.

Finished successfully other online courses from Lynda, Udemy and other websites, and also got some certification of front-end development course about Angular.js (version 1) at Tsofen organization at 2014.

For any suggestion or just want to be a friend, here is my LinkedIn account

Experience with programming languages:
  • JavaScript ES5/6- with experience
  • PHP >= 5,7- with experience
Experience with frameworks, libraries, environment:
Experience with APIs:
  • Ytel – Integrate SMS, Email, voice and direct mail
  • Nexmo
  • Godaddy developer API for reseller
Less experience with programming languages:
  • Java
  • C
  • C++
  • Python
Tools that I use in my daily job
  • Sublime 3
  • Visual Studio Code
  • SequelPro or MySQLWorkbench
  • DBeaver
  • Git command line / Github Desktop
  • Bash
  • Postman
  • Composer
  • Npm
  • Valet
Writing snippets code in online websites: