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JavaScript – how to prevent changes to an object attributes

Whenever you want to make a variable constant, in order to not be able to change(mutate) it through the program, then you gonna need to define the variable to const like this:



Overloading in JavaScript

Hello everyone, In this post I will explain how to write overloading functions in JavaScript. So let’s get started. I will be begin with an example from Java programming language on how overloading is...


JavaScript – JSON

As client-side or server-side developer, you indeed have to be good when it comes to work with JSON. This is another important concept we have to deal with, before diving more in other concepts....

JavaScript – Array

Hi, Array is a collection that holds many things inside of it. In JavaScript you can declare an array in two ways: First way:

Second way by using array literal syntax:


JavaScript – Interpreted or Compiled?

Low level language(machine language): The computer language consist of 0,1, so think that you need to write a program using 0,1 digits so the computer can do what you want, it’s very complicated...